Cotton Grouting & Pressing Service, Trading, Exporting & Importing Cotton

Different branches and services provided by

The company owns 8 wizards

Governorate of Dakahlia 

Mansoura Mahlag

Al Mahalla Al Kobra Mahlag

Gharbiya Governorate

Fayoum Mahlag

Fayoum Governorate

Zagazig Mahlag

alsharqia Governorate

Wasti Mahlag

bani suif Governorate

Fayoum Governorate

Tamiya Mahlag

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Apotege Mahlag

Assiut Governorate

Dayrout Mahlag

Assiut Governorate

Purpose of the company

Trade in cotton and its milk and marketing its products and complementary purposes and related internally and externally.

Manufacturing and trading of cotton, tar and yarn waste.

Exploitation of assets owned by the company in all its aspects.

All transport and storage activities related to the Company's activities.

Industries related to oils, lubricants, feed and soap.

The cooling industry and the establishment of public refrigerators for storage, either on its own or in partnership with others.